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What we do

What we do

So what exactly is Hypnobirthing?

So why is Cambridge Hypnobirthing so special?

Working as full time Hypnotherapists at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, we found that we were regularly getting enquiries from expectant mothers suffering from anxiety at the thought of their impending labour, or new mothers who were struggling to deal with the stress, tiredness and upheaval of having a baby to look after. Hypnobirthing is something that has become more and more popular over the past few years, even to the point where it was reported that The Royal Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, had undergone HypnoBirthing sessions.

Due to this rapid increase in enquiries, we decided to design a fantastic 3 step approach to allow mothers to deal with EVERY part of their pregnancy and birthing process…. prenatal, the birth itself, and postnatal. We truly believe our specially designed programme to be unique in its field and unlike others to be totally Holistic.


The thought of the actual event of giving birth is undoubtedly a scary prospect, but we can help alleviate this fear and for you to feel relaxed about the whole idea of it. You’ll instantly find yourself no longer irrationally worrying about wether your baby is ok and healthy, and feel much more relaxed in the weeks building up to your magical day.

The Birth:

When you go into labour, your body starts to create natural hormones such as oxytocin, which in turn send signals to your brain causing the brain which in turn starts releasing more of these hormones. The brain also sends signals back down to the uterus and womb causing it to create and release more of these hormones. This cycle is essential for a quick and pain free labour experience, however unfortunately it does not take into account everything else that goes on during those magical moments, from the moment your contractions start. On paper, this looks simple but unfortunately it does not take into account real life variables, from the moment those contractions start and the thoughts of what’s about to actually happen flood in. For example, once you have been admitted into the maternity ward, your unconscious mind has to deal with and process so many more bits of information. From the midwifes and doctors asking you questions, to remembering whether you have everything in your maternity bag… your mind becomes overloaded with external information which breaks the cycle mentioned above, and this can lead to your labour experience becoming a longer experience than it needs to be.

Pain relief is also something that we at Cambridge Hypnobirthing will assist you with. When your body experiences something painful, your body send signals through your nervous system to your brain, where it recognizes that something is wrong and hurting you. We notice this pain as it is the unconscious minds way of alerting us to the fact that something is wrong. When it comes ot child birth, it is obviously something happening to the body that is expected, and is not something that you can move away form. We therefore allow your mind to adjust your pain receptors so that the pain is not processed as pain, and your mind can delete it accordingly so that you can focus on the magical moment that is happening


When the time comes, you’ll be released from your delivery unit back into your own home, and this should be a time when you go back to your natural surroundings and relax. However, for first time mums this can be the most daunting time as now there’s no one around to advise or help you if you need it (or at least that is what you may think). Hypnobirthing will allow this anxiety to just not even occur.

Many mothers report that they have to keep getting up and checking on their baby, or become worried that they are not doing everything right form cleaning their baby to changing their nappy. There is now a huge change to your routine and you will undoubtedly suffer from loss of sleep, and these are all factors that can contribute to postnatal stress disorder. We will help your mind deal with all of these situations so that you remain ‘in control’ and easily able to handle any situation that your new lifestyle may thrown at you.


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